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As with most issues, emotional responses take over what should be a forward thinking and rational discussion as to the ramifications of allowing/encouraging students to bring handguns onto college campuses.

If a student sees someone with a handgun on campus, what should they do? Well, they can assume the person has a permit and all is well; however, if they are wrong and someone gets hurt, or worse, killed, as a result, then they will have to live with that guilt for the rest of their life.

They could assume that the person does not have a permit, in which case calling 911 and reporting it seems reasonable.

Confronting the person and asking if they have a permit does not seem to be an intelligent course of action. You may be the first one shot.

So, you call 911 and report it. What will the police do? At this point I don’t know, but I can speculate based on some of the news reports about 911 calls. I would speculate that the police may respond to some number of calls that resulted in legal and non-threatening situations before deciding that there are better uses of the police resources and stop responding.

At this point, the person who wants to create havoc by shooting up the campus will feel much safer about carrying their weapons. If they are a student, all they have to do is watch who puts a weapon into a locker and they know who to avoid should they even care.

There is a reason why we no longer carry a weapon in public. It’s called civilized behavior. We elected individuals to “keep the peace” rather than try to keep the peace ourselves.

If I understand correctly, the weapon cannot be carried into a classroom anyway. The person who intends to shoot their professor or graduate assistant or another student will not stop at the door to the classroom. They will not be concerned about the weapons in lockers; and, if they are that desperate or depressed or deranged they will not care about the risk of someone having a weapon to use against them.

What are the long term ramifications of this issue? The criminal mind does not care about laws. The only thing that will change with this law is that the risk of harm increases for all students.

Richard Meyer


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 11 months ago

Richard, I don't know where you're from, but we here in Arizona have the right to openly carry a weapon in public. We can't carry where posted for no weapons. That's what this proposed law is all about....the criminals and crazies don't follow the present laws. By the way, you would make a great fiction writer. You have quite an imagination.


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