Controversial Sheriff Calls On Gila County For Investigation


Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu Tuesday asked Gila County authorities to investigate him and his office for alleged wrongdoings.

Babeu recently came under a firestorm of criticism after information surfaced that he had allegedly threatened a Mexican ex-boyfriend with deportation if he disclosed their relationship publically.

That information surfaced Friday in a Valley newspaper. In the story, Babeu’s relationship with a man named Jose is discussed along with suggestive photos Babeu posted on a gay dating site. Critics say Babeu abused his power as sheriff to intimidate the man into keeping quiet and lacked judgment posting the photographs.

In a press conference, Babeu adamantly defended himself.

It was reported by Valley media outlets that Chris DeRose, Babeu's attorney and campaign manager, had said Babeu would not be asking an outside agency to review the case for wrongdoing.

On Tuesday, however, Babeu sent letters to Gila County Sheriff John Armer and Attorney Daisy Flores as for their help with the case.

“I am requesting the assistance of your offices to conduct a joint comprehensive investigation into the recent allegations made publicly against me and my office including possible crimes committed against me personally,” Babeu wrote.

Babeu asked Flores and Armer to look into allegation of human rights violations, threatening and intimidating behavior, misuse of public resources, theft of property, theft of identity, fraud and impersonation.

“Your immediate attention and assistance with this investigation is requested. I have instructed my sheriff’s office and political staff to fully cooperate with your inquiry in an effort to settle these allegations made against me,” he wrote to Flores and Armer.


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