Suddenlink Expands Service Throughout Area

Introduces all-digital TV lineup, faster Internet speeds in Pine and Strawberry


Just months after taking over NPG Cable, Suddenlink announced Feb. 14 it has completed a major upgrade of services.

The cable company says it has improved the picture and sound quality of digital television service in Payson and Pine-Strawberry, introduced more than 100 TV channels and faster Internet speeds in P-S.

The upgrade is part of a $10 million capital improvements program in Arizona and California that began Jan. 18.

In P-S, Suddenlink introduced two new high-speed Internet service options with download speeds of up 10 and 15 Megabits per second (Mbps). These services were introduced earlier in Payson.

After completion of the upgrade project, Suddenlink’s digital TV lineup in Payson features more than 75 new HD channels, more than 45 new digital channels and five new basic channels.

In P-S, the new lineup includes more than 90 new HD TV channels, more than 135 new digital channels and more than 15 new Basic channels. With these additions, the P-S TV lineups are the same as in Payson.

More than 40 HD channels are available on Suddenlink’s “HD Basic” tier of service, which is available free to customers who lease the equipment required to enable HD viewing.

Suddenlink customers must have an HD television set connected to a Suddenlink HD receiver in order to view HD Basic channels. Suddenlink’s “HD Broadcast” channels can be viewed without a Suddenlink HD receiver or cable card, if customers have a HD television set with a built-in QAM tuner.

Television set manufacturers and/or retailers should be able to verify whether an HD set has a built-in QAM tuner.

Suddenlink expects to introduce its video on demand (VOD) service and TV Caller ID in Payson and P-S in late February. Suddenlink also plans to offer faster Internet speed options.

For more information about Suddenlink services, visit, call (800) 896-5701 or stop by 632 N. Beeline Highway in Payson.


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