Another Intrusion By Obama On Our Liberties



The breaking news this past week was President Obama’s decision to force the religious community, primarily the Catholic Church, to provide mandated coverage for contraception and other “preventative” birth control measures (i.e. abortion) in their employee health insurance policies.

Mandated contraception and abortion are particularly offensive to Catholics and abortions are opposed by other religions.

Following a substantial public outcry the president chose to shift the “mandate” from the employer (i.e. church’s) to mandating insurance companies include these services in all their policies, thus, forcing women to accept coverage they may have a religious objection to.

Let’s be clear. President Obama’s original decision was not a mistake or a misunderstanding. It was a deliberate and conscious decision on his part. The decision was made following nearly a year of discussions with the Catholic Church. Additionally, prior to the announcement, the president called Archbishop Dolan of New York on Jan. 20 and told him he had made a decision and was moving forward with the birth control mandate.

The president’s decision went against a promise he made to the archbishop in a November meeting in the Oval Office where he told him the administration would not do anything to impede the church.

There is no question that the president’s decision was made with intent. And the intent was to knowingly violate the First Amendment rights of the religious community.

The real debate is not about health care. It’s about government intrusion on our freedom. The most reasonable “compromise” would have been to allow women, regardless of religious affiliation, to privately choose the type of individual health insurance coverage they desire. But for Obama, no choice is allowed. Instead, this administration has intruded into one the most personal and private decisions a woman can make. Further, one must understand that if ernment can tell us what we must have in our health insurance policies, government-run health care (Obama Care) can surely take away health care (i.e. death panels).

Finally, a Christian man respects the religious beliefs of others and doesn’t break promises made — particularly one made to an archbishop of the Catholic Church. A Christian also understands that the “State” (government) is not God, but when government believes it is, all our rights will be lost.

Gary P. Morris


Ted Paulk 4 years, 11 months ago

I hate to tell you this but the President cannot violate the First Amendment or any other for that matter. DePaul University, largest Catholic university in the United States has been giving it's employees contraceptives for years. Do your homework.


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