Vote For Candidates Who Advocate Our Best Interests



One of our major concerns is the fiscal irresponsibility of our United States government. Every year we have a monetary national deficit by importing more than exporting; much of this deficit caused by importing of oil from foreign countries.

We must endeavor to decrease our dependency on oil, instead favoring natural gas, solar, and wind-generated power. But until these alternate sources of power can replace oil, we should consider our methods of acquiring the oil necessary to improve our economy.

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has led to development of much safer means of harvesting oil in the oceans. Unfortunately, our president prefers to purchase oil from OPEC, thus supporting the economies of Iran and some other unfriendly countries.

To add insult to injury, denial of an oil pipeline from Canada, the country most friendly to us, may result in oil for China, which improves the wrong economy. And if you have ever traveled across the state of Nebraska, a whole lot of Cornhuskers will tell you the pipeline could cross their state without undue harm to the environment.

May I suggest that any politicians who vote against both of the above solutions be removed from office. To all eligible voters:

One of the great benefits of being an American is the privilege of voting as you see fit. Please do not fail to exercise your right to vote, and vote for those individuals who advocate the best interests of our great country.

Gerald R. Rutz


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