Caveat Emptor: Let The Buyer Beware



We hear of scams on the unsuspecting public on a daily basis, and we try to be careful so as not to be taken. However, it is important to protect ourselves even in a small community like Payson.

One would expect that we would not have to worry when dealing with a nationwide public enterprise that is traded on the stock exchange, but that is not the case. I discovered that my cost for garbage removal has been increasing almost every quarter. When I questioned this, I was told they could reduce my quarterly charge by a few dollars. I called them back and stated that I was canceling my service. When they asked why, I said they were too expensive. I was then told that they could reduce my cost from $79 per quarter to $45 per quarter.

I was so angry that I decided to give my business to a local company.

I have since learned that others in my neighborhood are paying anywhere from $83 per quarter to over $90 per quarter. While it is difficult for me to understand the rationale for this (if there is any), it serves to reinforce the doctrine “CAVEAT EMPTOR,” let the buyer beware.

Alan Kline


frederick franz 5 years ago

I recommend the trash collection service offered by Waste Matters company. They charge me a flat $57.75 per quarter, and it has never been increased. I have been very satisfied with the company.


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