Voters Turning Arizona Into A Blue State



So state Senator Allen is afraid that the Independent Redistricting Commission is trying to turn Arizona into a blue state. Well Sen. Allen, the voters are already doing that by themselves, thank you very much, and they’re not just limited to Arizona. A few cases in point:

The recall of ultra-conservative Russell Pearce; the disbarment proceedings of Andrew Thomas; the Justice Department’s condemnation of Sheriff Joe’s unconstitutional policies; the federal judge who just prohibited Sheriff Joe’s tactics; the upcoming Supreme Court hearings on SB 1070; Senator Kyl not running for re-election and the possibility of him being replaced by a Democrat; gay rights; gay rights in the military; the backing-down of Speaker of the House John Boehner on the extension of the payroll tax reduction; the Tea Party? I seem to remember something about them; the clowns in the circus vying for the Republican presidential nomination ... President Trump, anyone?

I wouldn’t worry about the Redistricting Commission Ms Allen. It’s the people you need to worry about.

Merritt Guy Pittman


Vera Skorupski 5 years ago

I'm one of the people that had enough with the TEA PARTY/GOP and switched to the Democratic Party. As a cancer survivor I have too much to loose with the TEA PARTY/GOP coupon voucher thingie health care proposal.​media/set/​?set=a.262024377143730.7423​3.100000085106945&type=1


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