Claim That Voters Are Turning Arizona Blue, Is A Little Short On Facts



Mr. Pittman’s wish of “Voters turning Arizona blue,” is a little short on facts.

Sen. Allen is right to be worried about an “Independent Redistricting Commission” whose “independent” chair is the wife of a far left Democrat activist from the Mexican state of Tucson, appointed by former governor Janet Napolitano, just before she abandoned Arizona to help Obama keep the Mexican border open. How much representation do you think we in northern Gila County will get when most of our new district is at the Colorado River?

The unfounded attacks on Russell Pearce, Sheriff Joe, SB 1070 are a result of the Chicago thugs Obama and Holder trying to intimidate the state of Arizona into submission, as they refuse to enforce federal immigration law to get the votes of 20 million illegals, with the help of ACORN. It’s the Chicago way, you know.

Kyl said six years ago that this would be his last term. Boehner gave Obama the year-long extension of the Social Security contribution cuts he wanted. Then Obama moved the goal posts, as he always does, and demanded two months so he can keep campaigning on the cuts for the zero liability voters. Unfortunately, what those suckers don’t know is Social Security benefits are paid on what is paid in. Therefore a cut in SS contributions means smaller SS checks upon retirement.

The Taxed Enough Already (TEA) party is alive and well, thank you, and will be a force in the 2012 campaign. Obama’s Occupy druggies, hippies and losers won’t do him any good as they destroy taxpayer-funded public property with their despicable antics.

Any of the Republican candidates, with the possible exception of Ron Paul would be far better than this Marxist wannabe emperor that has given us more debt in three years than all previous 43 presidents combined, (and wants $1.2 trillion more this week) ($6 trillion in three years), (your kids and grandkids will have to try to pay that back) 11 percent real unemployment if you count everyone that has given up, 20 percent unemployment and under employment when you count former full-time workers who have had to settle for part time.

By the way, when was the last time you were able to take a 17-day vacation to Hawaii and have the taxpayers pick up a $4.5 million tab? The wannabe emperor has now done it three years in a row!

Dale Oestmann


Ted Paulk 5 years ago

This is by far the most astounding public display of ignorance this paper has ever printed. I cannot believe this was sir, should thank God that you live in a country that allows you to state such lies and then for them to be made public. Lord help us!!!


Rex Hinshaw 5 years ago

Mr. paulk, I find Mr.Oestmann's statements more truthful than any from this administration, the main stream media, and people like Mr.Pittman. The only ignorance is believing what you hear from those sources.


Ted Paulk 5 years ago

Come on Rex, "Marxist wannabe emperor". If Dale knew much he would know there are NO emperors in Marxism. Chicago thugs got rid of Emperor Pearce in AZ? They don't even know he existed and now hopefully we in AZ will also forget this political bully. Obama was NOT in Hawaii for 17 days and since when can't the pres take a vacation? ACORN was disbanded three years ago. Boehner has given Obama Nothing, nada, zilch! Just a few errors made by this Tea Bagger.


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