Web Sites Available To Fact Check Claims Of Politicians



Let the lying begin. We have almost a year to be slammed with every conceivable lie imaginable. All politicians and special interest groups have the right to lie to everyone protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution.

If a ball player lies about using performance enhancing products, he is banished from the sport and charged criminally. Go figure. The voting public is left guessing who is the best liar — is it the one who doesn’t get caught as often as the others? It shouldn’t matter what your political affiliation, finding the truth is the most important thing we can do.

The truth isn’t on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC or in the newspapers of this country. All of these news agencies are controlled by someone with special interests, so we are left to dig through the rhetoric and hype to determine what was really said in its original context. Without someone doing the research for us, that would be an impossible objective. I believe I have found two Web sites that deliver an unbiased insight into the truth.

www.politifact.com (sorting out the truth in politics)

www.factcheck.org (a project of the Annenberg public policy center)

I would suggest that if you look at these sites the first thing you check is the about us profile. You will see that their funding is not from any political party or influential big interest. It is up to us to educate ourselves as best we can to make the right choice come next November.

Chuck Burns


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