Pay Close Attention To Who You Vote For



Our very own RINO is at it again!

Can McCain be more offensive? Running around the country taking pot shots at Republican candidates?

Maybe I can offer a suggestion (besides submitting his resignation) — how about running around the country exposing Obama for the most destructive president our country has ever had?

McCain is a veteran politician — he certainly can explain Obama’s hell-bent determination to continue the mortgage crisis by giving all those “duped” mortgage holders, who shouldn’t have qualified the first time around — to refinance. And, just what is he going to do if they fail again? Oh, that’s right — it probably won’t be an election year.

Or, maybe he should explain why Obama is considering sharing our missile secrets with Russia!

Or, do you think he could tell us why Hollywood was given access to highly classified information on the Osama bin Laden raid?

We had better pay very close attention to who we vote for in November. Hopefully, we will have lawful, constitutional candidates to pick from.

Judy Oconnell


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