Ron Paul Is Best Candidate



I was really impressed with Dale Oestmann’s letter “Claim that voters are turning Arizona blue, is a little short on facts” right up to the point where he said, “Any of the Republican candidates, with the possible exception of Ron Paul …” (would be better than Marxist Obama).

The fact is, Ron Paul is the only candidate better than Obama, and has a 30-plus year track record as a Congressman to prove it. He hasn’t flip-flopped on every issue he has ever taken a position on, like Romney — he hasn’t flip-flopped on any issue.

He isn’t threatening to “degrade Iran’s nuclear facilities with air strikes” (Santorum’s words) and leave radioactive fissionable material all over the place to make the Iranian people, who currently love America, hate us. He’s still married to his wife and has never abandoned her while she was deathly ill, like Gingrich.

While he opposes abortion, he knows there is nothing in the Constitution allowing the federal government to legislate for or against it. He wants to bring the troops home to protect America instead of using them as cannon fodder in every little commercial oil war in the world, and instead of sticking our military nose into the sovereign affairs of every other nation on the planet by maintaining bases on foreign soil.

The Republican hierarchy and the Democrats are scared to death of Ron Paul because they know if he becomes president it is game over: No more pretending to oppose the Marxists in the Democratic Party while passing laws, like the Patriot Act, that Josef Stalin would salivate over if he were still alive.

No more military adventurism on this or that trumped-up theory to make sure the Marxists win the next election and destroy everything America stands for in the world, including “the last best hope for the liberty of Mankind.” No more legislation telling Americans they have to buy health care or have to submit to a government identification database like RINO Sensenbrenner’s REAL ID Act. No more banking dynasties represented by the Fed inflating the currency and siphoning off America’s resources while “… not one man in a million can detect the theft” (John Maynard Keynes, “The Economic Consequences of the Peace,” 1920).

Ron Paul is the only presidential candidate that has a chance of peacefully restoring our constitutional liberties and thus saving America from the bloodiest civil war in history if the Marxists continue their takeover. That is, if the international banking dynasties don’t have him assassinated like Kennedy.

Donald L. Cline


don evans 5 years ago

And.......Ron Paul would like us all to join him for a ride on the Hale Bop Comet next time around!


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