Offering My One Cents Worth



Could not agree more with the letters of Ted Paulk (Dec. 30) and Dale Oestmann (Jan. 6). Let me add my 2 cents worth, well, nowadays, 1 cents worth.

Sen. Sylvia Allen, go after the Sierra Club, all the greater bio-diversity groups, Peter Aleshires, et al., all of whom are hell-bent on closing the national forests to all but themselves. They say that they are the only ones capable of maintaining the forest. It is because of them that we have the mess we have now. Oh, you can’t cut any trees at all as this will neuter all the forests.

When our family moved into Flagstaff in 1959, there were four operational sawmills in Flagstaff alone. You could see at least 500 feet in any direction, minimal forest fires, lots of grass and a very good population of healthy wildlife. Today, no sawmills, extremely devastating forest fires, can’t see more than 100 feet and a forest floor so cluttered with downed bark beetle trees, you cannot move around. Thank you Sierra Club. As for the state taking over the forests! Uh — not a good idea at all.

They can’t even keep the state parks open. I doubt they have anyone with enough common sense to know the difference between a ponderosa pine and a high rise building in the Valley.

Dale: You should have been a carpenter rather than a Realtor with a letter like yours; you could have driven a #16 green sinker into a knotty gnarled 003212 with one swing. With emperor Obama’s military cuts of this week, (i.e. President Clinton again), the insertion of a young kid to run North Korea, I guess it’s time to lock and load.

I told several of my friends that if we could ever get rid of Queen Pelosi those on SSI and those of us on SSDI we would get an increase. Well we did. For me that equates to about a half tank of gasoline.

How much did Congress get this year? Think they could live on 3.6 percent? That would not even pay for their lunch and you left out one category of the occupiers, the unemployable. They are there because they are not smart enough to work! As to the Tea Party, I’ll stay with my Barry Goldwater conservative ideas. Go Sheriff Joe. Double the efforts of H.B.1070, re-call Sen. Allen and maybe a few more. If we here in northern Gila County want to be represented, I guess we better move to Bullhead City. I’ll get off my soap box now.

Dave Cleland Sr.


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