Maintaining The Spirit Of Commitment


This year, Payson Care Center is committed to a positive spirit and making a great, lasting impression on the people we serve.

Celebrating our 26th year serving the community, we also celebrate the many employees who have worked at Payson Care Center for more than 15 of those years. People like Jeannie Cowan, who started working for our parent company, Life Care Centers of America, in 1992 and transferred to Payson Care Center in 1995. Jeannie works in restorative dining and loves working at Payson Care Center because of the camaraderie she maintains with fellow staff members and residents.

Chris Rehm started at Payson Care Center in 1994 and, over the years, decided to become a registered nurse. Chris also won the Team Spirit Award in 2011 for her great attitude and encouragement to others.

Robin Jesperson, our dietary manager, has also been employed since 1994 and Lynne Krahn, who started in 1996, currently serves as the therapy department’s director. Jaqueline Hubbard, CNA, is also a long-termer starting in 1996, as well as Ginger Sturtz, CNA, also of restorative dining. Krystal Klabbatz, now Krystal Rodriquez, has served in admissions and marketing since 1998.

Old and new, the mix of employees makes for a great place to work, serve and make a lasting impression on those we care for and help return home.

Payson Care Center is corporately owned by Life Care Centers of America and is one of the company’s 200 facilities across the United States. As a part of a bigger entity, Payson Care Center maintains higher standards of care, not only because of corporate expectations, but our accreditation with the Joint Commission — the gold seal in health care.


Payson Care Center photo

Denise Miller, Payson Care Center Occupational Therapist, works with a patient in the facility’s rehabilitation center.


Home is a word we associate with pleasant things — happy memories, our own comfortable bed, photos of our loved ones on the wall, our place of the familiar, the place where we are free to be ourselves. In short, home is a place of safety.

As we age, however, we navigate our spaces differently — our bodies often lose strength and agility. Disease (or medication to correct a disease) often changes the way our bodies move. When this happens, home can still be a safe place, but we may need to think more about how to keep it that way.

The safety hazards of the home are different for each individual.

“The little things that we take for granted become more important as we age,” said Denise Miller, Payson Care Center Occupational Therapist.

“Most of the safety concerns for our patients are tied to poor safety awareness.”

Miller and other occupational therapists often perform home safety evaluations for rehabilitation patients returning home. Usually, these patients participate in therapy after surgery (a knee or hip replacement, for example) or another medical condition that impacts mobility or cognitive function.

The goal of the Payson Care Center therapy team is to be able to get the patient functioning in their home and be able to facilitate their progress to get them there. The staff determines everything a patient would access on a normal day. They go through the house room by room and look for the obvious and subtle things that may pose barriers or increase the risk of falling or the patient being unsafe in their home.

For more information about home evaluations, contact the Physical Therapy Department at Payson Care Center (928) 474-6896.



Payson Care Center photo

Dr. Terry Rousseau

Dr. Terry Rousseau is one of the newest additions to Payson Care Center Team.

Employed by Life Care Physician Services as an onsite physician, Dr. Rousseau follows the care of many of the residents and short-term patients at Payson Care Center.

The Onsite Physician Program was recently implemented in all Life Care Centers of America health care facilities to assure the quality and consistency in care. The Onsite Physician Program was also established to meet the demands in the changes that the health care industry is currently experiencing. The addition of an onsite physician has proven to reduce the number of patients that return to the hospital after being discharged to a skilled nursing facility. It is believed the Onsite Physician Program will be a benefit to everyone, patient, hospital and Payson Care Center.

Dr. Rousseau’s role will be to assure the quality of care patients receive and aid in communicating with the patient’s primary care physician.

Dr. Rousseau, an avid outdoorsman, moved to Payson four years ago and specializes in geriatrics and diabetes care.


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