Government Trying To Oppress Free Speech



The Secret Service has set the mainstream media all a-twitter over Peoria Police Sergeant Pat Shearer posting an image of armed teenagers holding a bullet-ridden T-shirt with President Obama’s picture on it.

The mainstream media shouldn’t fall for government oppression of free speech.

What’s the difference between the free political expression of burning or hanging a hated tyrant in effigy and filling a T-shirt with that tyrant’s picture on it full of holes?

None whatever.

This nation was founded upon principles of free political expression, especially obnoxious free political expression, and the mainstream media should be upholding the right of the people to express their anger and frustration at a president whom many people believe is not eligible to that office and want to see him step down and even arrested for fraud.

No one has any right to curtail political free expression so long as it remains an expression and not an overt act with intent to harm.

Sgt. Pat Shearer should be put back on active duty with a pat on the back for bringing a fundamental principle of our free country to the attention of the Peoria Police Department and the mainstream press.

Donald L. Cline


Ted Paulk 4 years, 11 months ago

Well Donnie, I assume you think you are a deep should seek counsel with someone you trust who can straigthen you out. This redneck cop should be fired and fined. What a fine example he is setting for these kids.


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