Treat Women As Responsible Human Beings



Since recent outspoken messages from Michele Bachmann relative to abortion, I decided that I have had the unfortunate experiences to speak to the issue.

Some 70 years ago, I overheard my aunts talking about one of their friends who hade gone to a woman who performed abortions. They discussed the horrible conditions, the woman’s filthy hands as she administered to their friend and their friend’s subsequent death from an infection. Abortion is nothing new; just much safer.

After the birth of my two children, I experienced four miscarriages during the early stages of pregnancy.

When I became pregnant again and passed the seven-month mark, my family rejoiced. The children bought gifts for the new baby and my husband and I set up a nursery. The child was stillborn leaving us devastated. I developed a blood clot and was in bed for months while we grieved.

When I became pregnant again, my doctor said it would be dangerous physically as well as mentally for me to carry the child to term. At the time, in the ’60s, our state allowed termination of a pregnancy if two physicians and a psychiatrist agreed. My own doctor and a psychiatrist did agree. However the third medical professional didn’t even examine me, but stated that he couldn’t see any reason not to continue the pregnancy. He would allow a termination if my husband would agree to sterilization.

So, learned male legislators, state and national, if you will agree to sterilization of a percent of your group, we women might agree to compromise on the right to control our own bodies. Until then, please treat us as thinking, responsible human beings.

Sylvia Freeman


Pat Randall 4 years, 11 months ago

Remember when women had to have thier husbands sign a release for them to have a hysterectomy?


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