Payson High School Head Football Coach Graham Ellison Resigns



Graham Ellison

Payson High School head football coach Graham Ellison resigned yesterday, June 28, citing only “health reasons” for stepping down.

Ellison was named coach on June 9 replacing Byron Quinlan who left after two years to take a counseling position at a small school in Montana.

Ellison would not elaborate on specific reasons for his departure and school officials were not immediately available to comment.

New PHS Principal Anna Van Zile is on a trip to Japan and newly appointed Athletic Director Don Heizer is on a cruise vacation and won’t assume his duties until next week.

It is unclear who will replace Ellison, or what the hiring process will be.

Although Ellison has resigned as a PHS coach, he says he will continue to teach at the school.

The program, however, is scheduled to host in July a large scale football camp that has drawn four teams from around the state.


Pat Randall 4 years, 6 months ago

Who accepted the resignation? If it is health related do we want him as a teacher? He didn't know about his health 19 days ago when he accepted the jobs? Can do one but not the other? Was this to keep someone else in line for head coach to not be hired ? The last two years would make a good soap opera.


frederick franz 4 years, 6 months ago

This sounds to me like another example of poorly directed use of taxpayers money. The coach has resigned, but will still teach? He should be dropped off the school payroll, except for his retirement pension.


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