So the Supreme Court just gave its approval for Obamacare.

Makes you kinda wonder if this mandated health insurance will work as well as the mandated vehicle insurance has all of these years.

Anyone who buys vehicle insurance has seen a charge on their bill for “UNDER-INSURED” and “UN-INSURED” motorists. Hey wait a minute! Aren’t we required by law to be insured? Isn’t there a fine for driving without it? That law seems to be working real good, doesn’t it?

Then again there might just be a silver lining to all of this forced insurance. I figure in the 30 or more years I’ve been driving under mandatory insurance, the insurance company has wrongfully collected fees for those lawbreakers mentioned above, and I think that they should refund that money to me in the form of health insurance for me and my wife until at least 2030!

What the heck — it’s worth a try! Besides, whatever money I may have to spend on necessities or luxuries should be my choice to make. Since when are we told where we must spend our money? Is this still the United States of America, or was Nikita Kruschev right when he said that we would be conquered without firing a shot?

Hoop Bramoff


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