Sun Devil Star Shares Words From Frank Kush


Former Arizona State University football star Rob Peterson, a member of the Sun Devils’ 1975 undefeated (12-0) and Fiesta Bowl championship team says his twin brother, Tim, also a member of the ’75 team, penned a remembrance in 1995 in which he recalled a speech legendary ASU coach Frank Kush gave 20 years earlier about the time the Arizona State players were to depart for pre-season training at Camp Tontozona.

Rob Peterson says Kush’s speech to the team was rendered inside the meeting room at Goodwin Stadium, which has since been demolished.

Immediately after, Rob Peterson recalls boarding the “Blue Bird” busses that would take them to Camp Tontozona.

With ASU set to return to “Camp T” for the first time in four years, Rob Peterson would like to share his brother’s remembrance of the 1975 speech with our readers.




Welcome to Camp Tontozona.

This is the beginning of a new Season.

We… Will face many Challenges,

But no one so great as the


I present to you.

Take a minute to look closely at the person

On your right.

On your right for Heaven’s Sake.

Look him over well.

I want you to look at the person

On your left.

Take your time… Study him.

Who are these people? Why are they sitting next to me?

Why should I be concerned with them?

These may be some of the questions you may be pondering.

Now look at yourself,

And take a long hard look too.

I want you to evaluate yourself.

Gentlemen, within your lives you will meet

Three kinds of people —

They are the Losers, the Joiners, and the Winners.

The Losers in life are those Individuals

Who will go out of their way to drag others down.

The Joiners are those Individuals

Who are happy to go along, They join the groups

Because the others have.

But the true Winners in Life are those people

Who go out of their way to help others succeed.

It may come down to a Fourth Quarter…

You’re struggling to get back to the Huddle,

Your legs feel like lead, your lungs are on fire,

Your back is against the wall, and your body beckons….

As you enter the Huddle you look to the person on your right

And he offers you strength to… Win.

You glance at the person off to your left

And he gives you the courage to … succeed.

Take the time now to prepare

And carefully pursue the

Key to Success.

Be a Winner in the toughest game of all —


The words of Coach Frank Kush … a Winner.

As I remember it….

Tim Petersen 1995


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