Too Many Rising Rates



For the last couple of months we’ve had to endure propane rate increases, Gila Community College raising our property taxes and now the town council is raising property taxes. We’ve lost over 3,000 residents and over 350 students according to last year’s figures resulting in the closure of Frontier Elementary School. You can easily observe more for sale or foreclosure signs going up with more people leaving the area in search of work. Our unemployment rate for Payson and Gila County was, I believe, the highest in the state. We also read that the town manager almost breaks down in tears at perhaps looking at losing two or three employees. With all the loss of jobs, homes, cars in the private sector it is dispiriting to see that government at the federal, state and local levels have the most stable employment while the private sector is in a giant mess with not a very bright future. How can the remaining residents continue to carry all these increasing rates? When does it break the camel’s back?

Rachel Frazier


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