Unintended Consequences



What part of unintended consequences doesn’t our governor understand? She continually berates our president, she disagrees with just about every decision he makes, and she goes out of her way via finger pointing and negative ads to show her disdain for him and the office of the presidency. Then, lo and behold, she complains that she doesn’t receive any cooperation and/or respect from President Obama and his White House!

Many of us learned at an early age that it isn’t smart to antagonize your parents, teachers, employers, etc. and then expect them to treat you in a kindly manner. Some might even call this acquired intelligence.

I long for the days when Governor Mecham was a buffoon unto himself as opposed to our current governor who seems to bring childish behavior and vindictiveness to her office and hence by association to the rest of us as citizens of our great state.

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 6 months ago

Congratulations to Gov. Brewer, for every tweak of the nose she has and will inflict on the "buffoon" in the white house. When one can’t see past the end of their nose, others have to point the way, and she has and will continue to do that. Perhaps this Ed. D. can someday figure that out.


don evans 4 years, 6 months ago

If he is a product of public education, it's all about feelings, NOT thinking. Stick it to the Obama cartel.


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