Amount Of Taxes Paid Is Not An Indication Of Patriotism



Strange, based on Mr. Brophy’s line of reasoning, the more taxes you pay the bigger or greater a patriot you become! Especially if you are paying your fair share — as determined by someone else. Seems that the accumulation of wealth, according to Mr. Brophy is akin to rape, ie: immoral, unethical and perhaps, should even be illegal.

Would Mr. Brophy please explain where this country would be today, if the obscenely wealthy like Henry Ford, Lois Chevrolet, Mr. Chrysler, Mr. Piper, Boeing, the founder of Kellogg’s Foods and any all other U.S. manufacturers hadn’t come along? Strange, but very few of the obscene Americans started out wealthy. Some, for sure busted or tried to bust unions — most for some legitimate reasons.

Who paid a decent wage so that his employees could afford the product they built? Henry Ford did.

As one who thinks that fair applies to everything, how fairly was Haym Solomon, a wealthy Polish American Jew who helped finance the Revolutionary War, only to die penniless two years after the war, treated?

Where do the vast majority of the jobs that are and/or were in America come from? They didn’t come from a one person, owner/operator of a chimney sweep business like myself here in Payson. Individually, they don’t come from retailers and service companies. These higher paying jobs with generous benefits come from the wealthy corporation owner, the guy that started out with not much more than an idea, high hopes and the willingness to work hard. Look at Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, as two that started in such a manner, yet you feel that to be a patriot that they should be taxed in a percentage greater than what you and I pay. True, there are loopholes in the tax code that allow them greater deductions than what we can claim, but whose fault is that?

Research found that of the top 10 wealthiest of the Congress (both houses) of the United States of America, seven are Democrats (one of which just recently lost his job) and three are Republicans, one of which counts his wife’s wealth along with his. Some of these people were not millionaires when they came to Congress. How did they accumulate such wealth, did they work and earn it, did they inherit it? Who knows? More than half of the present Congress exceed being millionaires by a lot.

Now, Mr Brophy, who makes the laws that allow the wealthy to push off their fair share of supporting the government? Who makes the laws that when an individual, for whatever reason, doesn’t make enough money to pay federal income tax, makes sure that he gets a government check for “unearned income”? Who makes the laws that exempt income made overseas from being taxed? Who allows for all of the exemptions that anybody gets to use?

Take the time to do some research, find out what party has the wealthiest members in Congress and be sure to vote the party that represents your liberal viewpoint.

No doubt you take full advantage of every tax law that you can, yet it is unfair that the wealthy do the same.

I can remember when we didn’t pay taxes on taxes that we had already paid, such as federal and state gasoline taxes, local and state sales taxes, alcohol and tobacco taxes and your income tax return for the previous year was not taxed as income again, even the entertainment tax on a movie ticket was deducted. These were whittled away, a little bit at a time, by the same breed of people that are in Washington today. If our Founding Fathers fought over taxation without representation, what in hell would they think about what we have gotten with representation?

No, Mr. Brophy, the amount or percentage of taxes that you pay or don’t pay does not determine how much of a patriot you are. Nor will taxing the wealthy by a greater percentage make them a greater patriot. You can talk about the robber barons all you want to, they were the ones that provided the money that made this country great in the years past. Take the money away from today’s robber baron non-patriots and give it to those that don’t have a vested interest in anything and we will decline into a third world country in less than a tenth of the time it took to become great.

Don’t blame the wealthy, they are doing nothing that you, yourself wouldn’t do in like circumstances. Taxes paid is the poorest indicator of patriotism you could use. Are those that pay no taxes, then a greater patriot? Be sure to vote the ones back in that allow the wealthy to be unpatriotic.

Jim Gier


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