Court Bows To Obama



Well, it seems that our U.S. Supreme Court has bowed to Obama again with their ruling on SB 1070! I can imagine how it went down. (In the early morning hours) a call was placed to his newest appointee going about like this: “You know I am having trouble with Gov. Jan Brewer in Arizona. I need you to vote against it. I’ll give you something down the road.” Now the Supreme Court is a gutless spineless bunch or cowards. Just look at their recent decisions. By their ruling, they have opened up the door for all illegal immigrants from Chile to Mexico to just waltz into the U.S. by the Greyhound busloads knowing that nothing will happen to them except that they will automatically go on the welfare rolls at your and my expense. Law enforcement will not be able to arrest them, even if they commit a serious felony. The ACLU will see to that. But when you graduate in the lower 5 percentile of your class, you join the ACLU. The only job as a lawyer you can get! Might just as well call Texas, New Mexico and Arizona South American North. I don’t count California as a state. They are a mess unto their own.

Might as a well change a few Arizona oldies to these: state meal, tacos; state vegetable, pinto bean; state drink, tequila. Sounds about time to get the Minutemen going again. Say 1,000 on the border, Obama would send in the Army to control us. Gee, 2,000 men and women on the border. The back door way to control the border but if it works!

Dave Cleland Sr.


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