Angels Among Us



Last Monday I headed into the bank. Glancing over to see how many were in line at the ATM, I tripped on the curb and became airborne, flying through the air, landing on my face and bouncing two or three times. If someone had opened the door I could have bounced into the bank!

As I lay there stunned, a crowd of about 10 people gathered about. Immediately they grabbed me and hoisted me up to the stone wall. One man ran to his truck to get wet towelettes to wipe the blood off. Someone called 911. Two ladies went to fetch my wife from our car.

Most of them inquired how I was feeling, where I hurt, and other pertinent questions. (was feeling pretty stupid). They took time from their day to help a stranger. Many of them stayed with us until the ambulance arrived.

Though in pain, I was struck by the caring kindness of so many strangers. Their concern was readily apparent. They could have passed by, conducted their business and continued on. They took time to help a stranger in distress. Though I know not a single person’s name, they were all angels and I wish to thank them for making such an embarrassing situation bearable. May God bless angels such as these.

Leon Chamberlain


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