Christopher-Kohl’S Fire District Wants Bigger Board


The Christopher-Kohl’s Fire District residents have asked the county for an election to expand its current three-member board to five.

Current chair Deborah Dawson said while she did not make the move to enlarge the board, she feels it will create more input, which will make the board more effective.

“Residents have been talking about it for a long time,” she said, adding the open meeting laws are very restrictive when it comes to members of small boards communicating with one another.

The petitions circulated to seek the reorganization did not state the reason for the move.

However, Karen Thornton, who spearheaded the petition drive, said, “I believe a five-member board will better serve the community. The current board is composed of two members from Christopher Creek and one member from Colcord Estates. It is hoped that the additional openings will provide an opportunity for representation of Kohl’s Ranch and other unrepresented areas in our fire district. Deborah Dawson was right when she stated that open meeting law restrictions are very complicated with a three-member board and that five members will ease this situation. Attendance is another issue. With five members, the board can feel comfortable meeting and conducting business with a majority of four, if one member cannot attend a meeting. The current three-member board has canceled meetings if one member is unable to attend.”

Enough residents signed petitions to reorganize the board in the Nov. 6 general election.

Residents interested in serving on the board may take out nomination papers now through Aug. 8. Those in the district, which serves the Christopher Creek and Kohl’s Ranch areas, who are not registered to vote, have until midnight Oct. 8 to do so.


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