Lack Of Clarity Frustrating



I wish to commend you on your recent article, “Supreme Court sets off frenzy of political spin.” It helped me clarify what really happened as a result of the court’s ruling on SB 1070, and also where some of the candidates stand.

While I get extremely frustrated by the lack of clarity on the part of many candidates, busy as they and their minions are with slamming the “other guy,” I find it outrageous that the fourth estate, the media of all kinds, is so woefully inadequate in their job of informing the citizenry of what is truly at stake in the coming elections. In most cases there is little reporting on the big serious issues of the day beyond the most superficial statements of the candidates.

I would like to read, for example of what each candidate means when they say we must “secure the border.” What, exactly, would that look like? Would it mean placing Army troops along the border every 50 feet? Would it mean a 12-foot-high fence with razor wire across the whole border? (The Berlin Wall comes to mind.) And, it seems to me, that if we must “secure the border first” before we do anything about comprehensive immigration reform, we will never have reform, because in the real world there is no such thing as a completely secure border. These are questions that I wish could be reported in more depth by the media. Is that asking too much?

Thus, I am moved to express my appreciation for your recent effort, and to try to encourage you to do it again when an appropriate subject arises.

Marilyn Decker


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