Unhappy With Dog Park



I have found the most dangerous place in Payson. My friend has been assaulted three times, bloodied once. He was kicked twice, hit with a stick and threatened by a person when this person lifted up his shirt to show a pistol. Then there is the hermit, when my friend went to visit his companions he screamed he was going to call the police because my dog was trying to play with his dogs. Yes, I just let the cat (dog) out of the bag. The place I am referring to is the Payson dog park. All three episodes, when my dog was running around, he was attacked by a certain dog whose owner screamed at me, “There is no running in the park.” My God, the park is a place for dogs, not a place for 10 to 12 people to highjack the park six days a week. I have asked these people what their names are and they (cursed at me).

Sunday is the only time you and your dog can go and socialize. There is a lady that knows all of the dogs’ names, 15 to 20 of them. There is a lady who follows her two dogs around with a shovel because they dig holes and she fills them in. It’s fun to watch the dogs chase each other and just be dogs. Running is allowed on Sunday.

I went to the park’s supervisor, Nelson Beck, and related all of the episodes during the past six months, there are more. When I asked him who was responsible for the dog park he didn’t know, but said a club called PAWS in the Park takes care of it. I found out later that almost all of the people I had conflicts with belong to this club.

What did I expect from Mr. Beck? I thought he would say, “Bring your dog and we will go to the park and see what happens.” What he actually said was he would call animal control and PAWS and that they will give me a call. (What?)

I did receive a call from animal control. His solution for the gun flasher — call the police, they will speak to him. His solution for my dog running, take him someplace where he can run until he gets tired and then take him to the dog park. (What?)

I have yet to receive a call from PAWS.

My dog is 16 months old and from his experiences at the park he is starting to be aggressive towards people/dogs. I can fix that, but not at the dog park.

Please call Mr. Beck at 474-5242 ext. 306 if you have similar problems/experiences.

Andrew J. Toth


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