We Need Reservoirs



For all my life, I have watched water flow down places like Tonto Creek, Salt River and others, and it flows to nowhere, because we refuse to build more reservoirs. Just think of the old “rain barrel idea.” You have to catch and hold the water when it’s flowing, for the times when it is not. Watersheds are what people in the know use to hold it for the dry seasons. A simple example is how the Arizona Game and Fish Department builds water catchments for areas that don’t have much annual rain fall. I realize that reservoirs cost money to build, but we have let our water go to waste long enough. Look at the little town of Williams, they have a reservoir right there in the city limits, why can’t we have one above Pine, Strawberry, Payson and Tonto Basin? Even a child knows to build little pools of water to float their toy boats, maybe we should be paying more attention to children and see if we can’t learn a thing or two. Let’s catch and hold are water.

Dell Owens


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