What’S Fair?



I write in response to a recent note from someone who finds it patriotic to pay unlimited amounts of taxes but not patriotic to pay whatever it takes to fund often nonsensical government spending. Note to spendthrift, there is never a shortage of things to spend money on, there is always a shortage of money. Economic fact: If the government takes money from our hands, we have less money. The government could spend the money by giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to professors to watch monkeys get whacked on cocaine (an actual expenditure) or billions of dollars to give Chrysler Corp. to the Italian company Fiat. Look no further than Solindra where a half billion dollars of our money went to an already failing company, which by pure chance pumped millions of dollars into the Obama campaign fund.

What is meant by a fair share? Most people do not pay federal income taxes at all. Is this fair? Well-to-do folk pay the lion’s share of federal taxes, much more than their share of the income pie. Is this fair? But more to the greater point, if we give more money to the government to mishandle, we have less money to save, invest or enjoy. Is this fair?

Schemes for spending money are unlimited. But every dime spent by the government is money unspent by individual citizens. Do we want more jobs, more prosperity and more freedom? Or do we want more poverty, more government bossiness and a smaller life for our grandkids? Is it fair that a newborn granddaughter is already burdened with $50,000 in federal debt?

Andy McKinney


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