True Patriots Fight Higher Corporate Taxes



I wholeheartedly defend rich and privileged individuals and corporations of the United States. With the exception of those who work for the government, Americans all receive a paycheck from a rich guy or corporation. These industrious individuals take risks purchasing or developing companies or products or obtaining advanced education in an effort to make their American dreams come true. When the risks pay off, they create wealth and jobs for all of us. However, prosperity is very fragile. United States’ corporations pay the highest corporate tax rate in the industrial world. This has resulted in an exodus of companies and jobs to more favorable venues.

Companies who cannot leave, simply lay off workers and pass the tax increase to the consumer with higher priced goods and services.

Either way, there is less tax revenue and the government foolishly raises taxes to make up the shortfall. Consequently, more jobs leave the country. It is a vicious cycle and can only be resolved with lower tax rates on corporations and the rich. It is that simple. I do not hate my government. Nonetheless, I have a healthy disrespect for any entity that does not understand this simple principle. Further, it is not a sin to be rich. If we had 10 times as many rich corporations we would have 10 times the jobs and tax revenue. Period.

When governments raise taxes, it is akin to putting kerosene on a fire. It simply grows bigger. Our government creates neither wealth nor jobs. Nor can this political leviathan effectively or efficiently manage money. It simply gets bigger. I remember when one in 50 people used food stamps. Now it is one in seven and half the country pays no federal income tax whatsoever. There is also a prevailing attitude of entitlement. This cannot end well.

The funders never envisioned the vast welfare state that exists today. They believed in equality of opportunity not equality of result. The redistribution of corporate tax dollars to the government and its mounting number of appendages merely prevents corporations from using that money to create wealth and jobs. Thus, by taxing corporations we are robbing ourselves. I am not mean-spirited, nor do I hate the poor, I want everyone to succeed, be productive and achieve their American Dream. Forcing more corporations offshore through higher taxes kills that dream. Let’s be patriotic and reduce corporate taxes!

Barry Standifird


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