Unions Fought For Workers



I was very amused by the recent letter which complained that I dwelled too much on the fact that George Bush hadn’t been in office for 40.2375 months and I suppose we should leave him alone even though his presidency was the worst in history! (Notice the exclamation point. When Republicans are really serious about anything, they load their document up with these. It distracts those with limited attention spans.)

Then I was hauled over the coals for daring to mention how the right, want to turn us into the Third Reich, that I dare not delve into history. The writer then goes down the identical path to tell a blatant, outright lie about how Hitler used the unions to destroy and capture the middle class. If you want to quote history, at least read a little of it. The first thing der Führer did was ban all unions. That’s those impetuous Republicans — why use the truth when a lie will suffice?

It’s amazing to see how the rich and Republicans have poisoned ignorant minds about unions. Do you like the 40-hour work week, eight-hour working days, vacations, sick days, cost of living raises, pension, all the other perks you now enjoy? Thank the unions. Do you think the rich capitalists gave these up because they are generous? Why, then, are they striving exceedingly to get them back? These were all won by feet-on-the-street picketing union members.

People’s jealousy towards unions is sickening. If you want the same benefits mentioned above, why don’t you develop some gonads and form a union? Then you won’t have to kiss the boss’ feet every morning! Or continue voting for the millionaires and billionaires who sob and whine about unions constantly. They certainly don’t want you in one.

Leon Chamberlain


Dan Haapala 4 years, 6 months ago

Do Unions work for the good of all? NO! They work, that is undeniable, since the beginning in the early 1800s there have been several workers rights "unions" most do not exist today. Why do you suppose that is? Simple, Free enterprise found that happy workers made for more profits and growth. Those workers didn't need a labor boss because their collective effort with reason got them what they needed. Mr. Chamberlain, I'm guessing but I'll bet you belong to or have been a member of an organized Labor Union. If I'm right I'd like to know something. When you joined did you have to swear an oath? Did the Union require you to be loyal to them before being loyal to your employer? Did you have to pay dues to the Union to support their ideals and "work for your rights"? Did you have to pledge to abandon your job and your employer if the Union said we are going to strike? Several members of my Family were denied the free enterprise promise of America because "trade unions" put them out of business. If unions are good, why are their numbers decreasing? Why have the most powerful unions become the ones supported by Taxpayers. Is it because they are part of the Federal, State, County, and Town, City or whatever union that is crippling this economy? YES! What is so sad, American workers are paying taxes to the Governments, and Union workers are paying those same taxes plus they are paying dues to pay for executives to pay for politicians to do the same thing they could have done without the unions. I have friends who have told me, I pay my dues, I can't be fired, I have health care, I have retirement, the unions have fought for me and I'm set for life. Who has paid for that? Where did he think the money was coming from? Did he think it was the company's profits? In order for the company to make a now increased profit what do you think had to happen? The Friggin price went up. Now everything cost you more so what do you do? You go to the Union and say we need a raise. Where is that going to come from?

Unions?.....communism wrapped in promises resulting in loss of freedom and the ability to be all you can be. My opinion.


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