Dog Park Friendly And Safe



This letter is in response to Mr. Toth’s comments in the July 13 Payson Roundup.

My dog and I have been going to the Off-Leash Dog Park, on a daily basis, for the past six years. We both have enjoyed our visits with the variety of wonderful people and dogs that frequent the park.

On rare occasions, when there have been conflicts between people/dogs, the other visitors are observant and attempt to offer advice and suggestions as to how the situation can be resolved. Usually, the dogs just work it out on their own. If the conflict is between people, usually, one person takes the lead and removes himself/herself from the situation before it escalates.

The purpose of the park is to provide a safe and friendly environment where dogs are free to play, exercise and socialize on a daily basis. I have personally observed dogs that wait by the gate until their best friend arrives. They run and chase each other until they retreat to the water bowl before the next chase begins. Dog owners consistently throw tennis balls until their arms get tired. The dogs enjoy running after and fetching the balls to anyone who is willing to continue the game.

As an “old-timer” who has visited the park for many years, when I or many of my friends see a new visitor, we introduce ourselves and make them feel welcome. I have often been told, “This is the nicest dog park we have ever visited and we travel all over the states.”

As for the PAWS organization, I am proud to be a member. We provide such services as maintaining the Off-Leash Park, assisting owners who are unable to pay the full cost of spaying/neutering for dogs and cats and contributing to the Second Chance Fund, which helps homeless, injured dogs who are brought to the Humane Society and require medical attention.

My dog and I truly enjoy visiting the dog park and are grateful to the Town of Payson, which has provided this opportunity for so many caring and responsible dog owners. It is unfortunate that Mr. Toth had this negative experience. However, I know for a fact that so many more people and their dogs enjoy a safe and friendly environment when they visit the park.

Roberta “Punk” Madara and Piney V


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