Help A Hummy



If you have a hummingbird feeder and you notice that they swoop in, get some juice and fly over and land in a shady spot to keep cool, here is a tip: I had one that lived for seven years, I called him the “BOSS” because he ran all the other ones off.

What I did and now I see where you can go to a hummingbird site and buy them, is a mister. Just a single mister placed up wind from the feeder, and you just barely crack open the water faucet, and I mean barely. You won’t use any water really at all.

The hummy lady I talked to many years ago said they had only so many flaps of their wings (heartbeats) in their life span. So if you can keep them cool and sitting in the mist, they can relax, and greatly reduce their wing flaps, and greatly prolong their lives.

I noticed when I lived in Phoenix, that they would only sit in one spot for a few moments, and they had their beaks open and panted. If you put a mister out, they will sit there sometimes for an hour. I love these little birds, and I’m glad I put the mister out and got a chance to watch them sit and relax.

I’d bet you’ll only use a glass of water a day.

Dell Owens


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