Support For Stubbs



My name is Terry Links. I have been a Gila County resident for 15 years. I first met Darrell Stubbs during his run for sheriff in the last election.

I was interviewing the candidates and Darrell was on my list. I was impressed by what a kind man Darrell was. He was polite, articulate and willing to answer all of my questions without rushing through them.

Darrell and I met again when we were both involved in the Southern Gila County Leadership class.

Darrell demonstrated his ability to maintain his professionalism in the face of tragedy. During our classes Darrell lost his son, yet he returned afterward and finished the class with our group never once complaining or bringing up his loss in class.

Since then I have maintained a friendship with Darrell and I feel in my heart that he is the right man to be our next sheriff. Darrell is honest, hard working, fair and above all, incorruptible.

As our sheriff, Darrell will clean up the sheriff’s department and make sure the “good old boy” system that has been in place stops.

We need Darrell to clean up our county and bring honesty back to Gila County.

Terry Links


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