Warner Brothers Guilty Of Murder?



As a child, I sat mesmerized in front of a black and white TV, wondering how Wiley E. Coyote could defy the laws of gravity, if only for a brief moment, then a small cloud of dust appeared 600 feet below, only to live another day to have an Acme safe fall out of the sky, flattening the “villain” once again. “Meep-Meep,” the roadrunner wins again, or does he? After watching Adam West, aka Batman, scaling buildings with his sidekick, Robin, I decided to try to jump from the fence to the clothesline, only to land flat on my back. No dust, no secret tool in my utility belt to soften the fall, only a headache and probably the beginning of the back pain that I still deal with to this day.

For those who don’t know what a clothesline is, it was an invention to dry clothes before electric dryers were a household item for the middle class to enjoy along with their refrigerator and TV. For me, violence was never really seen, except in cartoons.

Even in the westerns, it was nothing in comparison to what we have today with “Saw one, two and three.”

“Jeepers creepers” was a politically correct way to say W.T.F. rather than a movie to inflict terror on little kids and to desensitize them to violence. It’s no wonder many teens and young adults fail to react in crisis situations, maybe the word surreal should be looked at as a sign of our items. Cops and robbers is no longer a game that we play, before a home-cooked meal and a warm bed greets us, where dreams were of flying above the clouds, not being crushed by falling debris or chased by the villains of someone else’s sick imagination. How far have we strayed from simpler times?

Elmer Fudd should be ashamed of himself for making it OK to aim a shotgun at poor little Bugs Bunny, who was more human than hare.

Jim French


Jim French 4 years, 5 months ago

I noticed one "typo" error. It should read; sign of our times as apposed to sign of our items. No problem though, "to err is human," does anyone know where bugs bunny was born? He sounds like he's from Jersey, Chicago, or New York. I think he retired in Albuquerque.


Tom Nye 4 years, 5 months ago

He was born in Burbank, Ca. He didn't retire in Albuquerque, he made a left turn there and his whereabouts are unknown to this day.


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