Stubbs In Running Against Three Democrats



Over the past several months the four candidates for Gila County sheriff, two Democrats and two Republicans, have presented their qualifications to the public. In order to vote in the primary I had to register as either a Democrat or Republican, in reality I’m an Independent, and because I’m not a party person I was very interested in finding out the differences between all four candidates. I have had the opportunity to personally meet, greet and hear each of these candidates explain their positions at local meetings and have narrowed my selection down to two candidates. My Democratic candidate is Craig Jones because I’ve heard him explain why he wants to become our next sheriff and in my opinion he has the qualification to be sheriff. His Democratic opponent Ray Van Buskirk does not have the knowledge or maturity and appears to me to be a very angry young man that would scare me if he were carrying our badge as sheriff.

Adam Shepherd registered as a Republican about two months ago after being a Democrat for more than 20 years, however, Adam Shepherd is running hand-in-hand with the Democratic leadership of Gila County. Ask Adam the names of the Democrats who have held fund-raisers for him, but those same Democrats have not helped their fellow Democrats Ray Van Buskirk or Craig Jones. Ask Adam why he told Stubbs that he was not running for sheriff when Stubbs was in Globe getting signatures for his petitions. Ask Adam why he changed his mind and party affiliation but is controlled and funded by the Democratic leaders in Gila County. Ask Adam why after more than 20 years as a Democrat he chooses to run as a Republican yet he is being supported and funded by big Democrats like Sheriff Armer and Jimmy Escobedo, Captain DPS who have both held fund-raisers at their homes for Adam. I’ve talked to Adam Shepherd and have advised him that I will not be supporting him and also advised him that the Democratic party has many conservatives who have held true to their party.

Adam Shepherd is really not a Republican running for sheriff. Rather, he is Sheriff Armer’s hand-picked Democrat to take over as sheriff.

So, in reality, Republican Darrell Stubbs is really running against three Democrats.

Jim Muhr


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