It’S Time To Pay Attention To Candidates



With the primary elections on the horizon it’s time to pay attention. Our local governments can have the most effect on our well being. I took the opportunity to go to the candidate debate in Roosevelt on Tuesday and received an eye opening view on the impact that we can make by making informed votes for the primary elections on Aug. 28.

I witnessed the supervisor candidate for District 2, David Cook marginalize the people of Payson in his promised approach to representation of the Globe and Tonto Basin area. We need county leaders that lead all of Gila County, not just north or south county. I was surprised by Republican Party officials endorsing particular candidates in contested elections in advance of the election.

I wondered about the candidates that didn’t show up to participate in the process. I learned a great deal about some problems in Gila County that absolutely have to be fixed.

It seems our current county attorney has been abysmally poor at prosecuting drug cases. This is something that has to be corrected.

The treasurer is in charge of tracking over 1,000 accounts and keeping them balanced against a $34,000,000 fund. The question is, are we getting a fair return on those funds?

The county recorder admits that county records are not available in electronic format because her department has not performed the statutorily required steps to make them available. Her opponent, Mac Feezor, states he has the background and ability to correct that problem.

Our properties have not been properly assessed by the county assessor’s office in years. Candidate Deborah Hughes states she can make certain that all properties are fairly assessed for the benefit of all of the taxpayers.

All of these questions deserve answers and the officials we elect will be the ones to act on the solutions.

This is a very important primary election, it is incumbent on each of us to make a well-informed choice and then vote for the candidate with the best solutions.

Cliff Potts


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