Make Decisions On Fact And Common Sense



I know you won’t print this because there is too much common sense in it, but what the hey, maybe someday something will sink in.

Thank you, editor, for calling our attention to the fact that Ron Gould, a smart Republican running for Congress, wants to allow professors and students to be armed just in case there may be some loon out there like there was in Columbine and Virginia Tech.

Gould knows that our Second Amendment rights should be more broadly applied in order to save lives.

Liberals counter by saying there might a huge gunfight if both sides are armed.

I guess they would rather see innocent people slaughtered by an unencumbered maniac based on a “might.” It’s like a shepherd leading his flock to the wolves and saying “Bon Appetit!”

I wonder how different things would have been in the Tucson shootings if it had been a Republican gathering?

I’m not trying to be insensitive.

Some radical will latch onto this one sentence and call me a hate-monger or something. I’m just speculating about how more lives might have been saved if someone in the audience was carrying a gun.

There are numerous incidents where people are saved from murder, robbery and rape, because they were carrying a gun. Look up “Armed Citizen” or go to the NRA Web site.

There’s no bias either. Just ordinary news articles from all over the country showing the value of having a gun in a dangerous situation.

A nice surprise is that there are many Democrats in Congress who understand this kind of common sense. Go figure.

And don’t be fooled if some “expert” says crime goes up when ordinary citizens are armed. Time and time again statistics have proven just the opposite. If someone tells you otherwise they are being dishonest.

Before you are hoodwinked by the anti-gun zealots in our midst, get all the facts. Make decisions based on fact and common sense rather than touchy-feely emotions.

Tim Branson


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