Payson Couple Lives Part-Time In Mexico

Kate Adams displays some of the personal and home accessories and clothing she has purchased in Mexico.

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Kate Adams displays some of the personal and home accessories and clothing she has purchased in Mexico.


Mexico, for all the bad press about drug violence, is still a big draw. Payson residents Louis and Kate Adams have a second home there where they live for a good part of each year.

The couple made a presentation to members of the Rotary Club of Payson July 25.

Kate showed some of the personal and home accessories and clothing she has purchased there. Prices ranged from $8 to $20 for things that might easily cost twice or three times as much here.

Lou said, on average, the cost of living, with modern amenities, is about a third of what it is in the U.S.

The Adams’ Mexico home is in one of the many communities on the shores of Lake Chapala near Guadalajara. The lake is the largest in the country and has commercial fishing and some water sports. The climate is temperate and many extras add to the quality of life.

Guadalajara has a medical school that produces some of the best cardiologists in the world, Adams said. The classes they take are all presented in English, so the doctors all have excellent English language skills. And while the medical care is some of the best, its cost is the second lowest among a long list of countries (the U.S. has the most expensive health care on the list, Lou said.)

He said he had a root canal and crown with post put in, which cost only $470. Having his teeth cleaned costs only $15.

A two-bedroom, two-bath, newly constructed home near the Adams’ residence recently sold for only $135,000. He said a three-bedroom, two-bath home, depending on the overall square footage, can run between $165,000 and $220,000.

Lou said electricity is expensive, but solar power is a viable alternative because the solar cells are locally made.

Eating out is very economical and it is easy to make healthy meals with all the fresh ingredients available.

He said there might not be a Walmart, but anything anyone might want or need can be found at the weekly street market.

Lou and Kate make the trip by car and have year-round Mexican insurance for their vehicle, which costs about $400 a year. Driving doesn’t present many challenges, even though the communities around Lake Chapala date back as far as 1525 in some cases.

Using a bus, they can go into Guadalajara for dinner and attend a performance of the city’s symphony or opera.

The area has many active Rotary clubs and Lou participates in one which provides for orphans and service dogs among other projects.

While the communities are 400 years old or more, Lou and Kate’s neighborhood has excellent, modern infrastructure including access to the Internet, through which Lou operates his business, Adams Business Dimensions, Inc.

“Mexico is a developing world power. According to Forbes (magazine) the richest man in the world is from Mexico. The country is the largest producer of automobiles in the Americas. It has more than a million ex-pats from around the world,” Lou said.


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