Romney Worse For U.S. Than Bush Jr.



Bill O’Reily thinks getting rid of health care is a good way to bring health care costs down. And along with all the Obama haters, he thinks those who have lost their jobs and their homes should just say no to food stamps, going hungry will make their children strong.

Romney claims outsourcing jobs is good for America because he keeps his resources overseas, Asia, Brazil, Europe and Mexico. He doesn’t need a better answer, he needs a better policy than deregulate and trickle down austerity for the poor and gluttony for the rich and budget deficits as far as the eye can see. His political base of neocons don’t want to communicate, they want to irritate. Mittwitt wants to perform even more poorly than Dubya did.

Sarah Phipps


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

That second sentence in Ms. Phipps’ first paragraph is most unfair to Mr. O’reilly and to everyone who wants Obamacare to go away. Mr. O’reilly has never said he wanted any child, nor anyone else, to go hungry. It goes far beyond exaggeration and has the odor of hatred hidden in some feigned care for the poor. It is, at a minimum, bitterness wrapped in pretended righteousness, as is the rest of her presentation.

Next, if Obama’s slur machine can’t tie Romney to outsourcing, as hard as they try, how on Earth can this person, with any form of straight face, claim that Romney thinks it is good for America? If that were true, every news outlet in the nation would jump on Romney so hard, he’d have no standing with anyone. Since that isn’t happening, you can figure that comment comes out of the same can of sour grapes that the rest of this does.

Then, she attributes “trickle down austerity” to Romney? “Trickle down” is the theory of Obama, not Romney nor any Republican/Conservative. We take the opposite view. Give people jobs, and the wealth ‘trickles upward’ as folks earn it. The fellow at the bottom gets his cut first, then the owner later. When free workers earn their pay, the result is food on the table for them, with more money in the bank and more wealth for the fellow they work for.

This class warfare is right out of the Communist playbook. Have you read the Communist Manifesto? This person’s view is a perfect representation of it.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 5 months ago

She claims we don’t want to communicate? How do you communicate with one that refuses to hear? Communication is a two-way street. It requires hearing what the other is saying. And, when that other is spewing such platitudes, just what are they really saying? Is honest discourse? Or, is it simply frustration at a threat to the irrational desire for the Utopia that can’t be attained?

We hear them more clearly than they hear themselves. Yet, they cannot hear what we return in our discourse. It is as if they have been to the Tower of Babble, returning with their communication distorted, dreaming of reaching Heaven in other than the prescribed way.

Finally, calling people of different persuasion despicable names is a sign of the littleness within oneself. When we degrade those we don’t like, we become much less than we want the subjects of that degradation to be. Also, in her expressions here, is there not an assumption that we all want to degrade ourselves to the extent she has? And, when we dare to refuse, it is like a drunk getting angry when you refuse to drink from his filthy bottle of the same baseness that has so debased him.

To summarize, we see in the ‘liberal’ stance a continued degradation of their foes. They present our desire to trust in a 225 year old document as stupid, yet they want us to trust in people with a bent towards destroying what we have built over that 225 years.

Suddenly, we the people (Builders of the greatest nation on Earth) can’t find our way to solve the real problems we face, and the imagined problems that have been introduced to further the communist cause. They see us incapable, to be led by their saviour. How dare we question? How dare we return to those ‘failed’ policies, although they have gained us the best nation on Earth. How dare we believe in ourselves, and seek our own happiness? Is not the good of the whole more important than that of the individual? Therefore individual rights must become secondary to that of the whole (The government). That is the road to the failed avenues of Communism.

We see then, in this person’s diatribe fired at two decent men, a picture of what we fight. Imagine a nation run by someone with that much vitriol aimed at the ones they dominate? Can you imagine subjugation of our every breath to a ‘First Citizen’, hoping he doesn’t decide we aren’t worth keeping around? Stalin murdered between 20 and 30 million of his own people, and the system that allowed him to do that, started out the very same way we are moving now. The same way this person wishes us to go. Russia had much the same discourse as this, before their ‘Revolution’ resulting in a brutal civil war that was won by the Communists to their own 70+ year regret.

Russia's own President and former leader of the dreaded KGB Vladimir Putin, told us in 2008 not to go down the road this person espouses, saying they had tried it, and it certainly didn't work.


don evans 4 years, 5 months ago

For me, it all boils down to this. I don't really care what Romney is doing with his own money. I care about what Obama is doing with MY money....


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