Executive Order Is Attack On The Constitution



Recently President Obama issued and signed Executive Order 13575 to put all of America’s rural lands under total government control.

Under this order, a White House Rural Council of 25 unelected cabinet secretaries will control “food, fiber and energy” all of the things necessary for human life. Two groups are excluded from the council — farmers, who are the experts on farming, plus the property owners affected by the policy.

Farmers, under this order, will not be allowed to grow food without the approval of a federal bureaucrat. There will be no private property rights.

The purpose of the rural council is to enforce part of the UN’s Agenda 21, Sustainable Development, which has been assaulting Americans, replacing citizens with unelected bureaucrats.

Executive Order 13575 surrenders American freedom to UN globalists, from whom it originated. Although the order is directed at rural areas, it states that the council will also have control over urban areas.

An expert on the UN’s Agenda 21, from which this control is derived, says what this means to us is “higher energy and food prices, control of water usage, destruction of private property, control of families, a top-down managed economy over every inch of land, (over) every business activity, (over) the curriculum in every school, and (over) the information that can be conveyed (on) the public airways.” Once Executive Order 13575 gets implemented, people won’t have a say.

The government control of farmers and farming may destroy agriculture. One wonders if that’s its ultimate goal.

You may be wondering why you haven’t heard about the UN’s Agenda 21 that Executive Order 13575 implements. One reason is that the complicit mainstream media are working to prevent American from knowing what’s happening as our country is being undermined. A second reason is that President Obama did not present the Agenda 21 policy to Congress for debate and vote, but instead bypassed Congress and tried to sneak it into law quietly by executive order.

Contact your congressman in the House of Representatives and demand that this government tyranny be stopped immediately.

Stay alert for other attacks on the Constitution and our freedoms.

Arden Druce


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

Why would the President of the United States "Surrender American freedom to UN globalists"? Just ask yourself that. Paranoia strikes deep, into your heart it will creep, It starts WHEN YOU'RE ALWAYS AFRAID.


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