Loving Wildlife To Death



In response to Phon D Sutton’s reply regarding feeding wild animals — I would say that anyone who reads the Arizona Game and Fish Department regulations will see that 13-2927, which was passed by the Legislature in 2006 — called “NO feeding animals” — makes it clear as to what the people who manage the animals in Arizona want the citizens to do in regards to feeding them.

Unless there is something I missed, it is illegal to feed coyotes and other predators. So as far as I can see in the regulations, which call for a $1,000 fine for feeding bears, it’s illegal. And even if it weren’t, common sense would tell you that teaching wild animals to lose their fear of humans is only signing their death warrant.

I would suggest to anyone to go to azgfd.gov and type in 13-2927, and make up your own mind, or call (602) 942-3000 and ask for the public information officer about feeding wild animals.

I would like to add that the only issue here is that there is not a population of 280,000 in Gila County, therefore Gila County is exempt from 13-2927. But that would mean that if there were 279,999 it would still be exempt.

It still means that the state doesn’t want people feeding and taming wild animals. The Adobe Mountain Rescue Center in Phoenix is full of animals that have been fed and tamed and most can’t be returned into the wild.

I donate meat every time I can to the rescue center. They shake their heads in disgust at what do-gooders do to animals: Love them to death.

Dell Owens


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