Can’T Fight City Hall



I am very disappointed in your court system. On March 25 I was driving through Payson from Apache Junction. My cousin had received a speeding ticket in Payson on his way home to Minnesota from Arizona and was really upset about it. He would have fought it if he lived closer.

Since he had received a ticket, I was being extra careful, setting my cruise control at each zone and my husband was watching the GPS (it turns red if you speed). When the camera flashed and took my picture we assumed we had missed a 35 MPH sign because my cruise was set at 45 MPH. My husband was mailed a ticket, but since I was driving, I knew I wasn’t speeding, I decided to go to court and felt with the truth it would be dismissed.

The ticket stated I was going approximately 56 MPH. I would not have gone to court if I didn’t think that the judge would listen and be fair, but I had to pay the full fine — $210 or appeal. I figured if I told the truth and lost, I would most likely lose an appeal too. I am paying the ticket, but I won’t be doing any business in Payson. I will avoid driving there if possible. I guess it is true “you can’t fight city hall.”

Have any of your other readers had this problem with the photo camera?

I am 70 years old and never had a traffic violation — I had proof of that with me from the Department of Transportation.

Miriam Staupe


frederick franz 4 years, 7 months ago

It appears that Payson is getting a bad rap due to the photo-radar in Star Valley!


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