First An Apology For Any Offense; Then A Response



First I wish to apologize to Tim Branson and any other Christians I may have offended by my last letter. I think what I said was misconstrued. My wife and I are Christians (good ones we hope) and believe wholeheartedly in Jesus and we have a lot of fun. Life is good except for the rich who are constantly trying to get their hands on our pittance.

What I meant was: I grow weary of the far right, so-called Christians who unfailingly try to force their narrow views on the rest of humanity. They think theirs is the only view and everybody else should adhere to it. They wish to turn back the clock to 1950. The many rights people enjoy nowadays must irritate them as they are forever attempting to eliminate them. These are the have-no-fun ones I was talking about.

Now to your letter: You really had that old thesaurus smoking. It doesn’t take much to get you up on the stump, arms flailing, hollering a flood of righteous, indignant insults. I have never seen such venom and hatred from someone who writes from a Christian standpoint and is supposedly filled with human kindness. (See, I have a thesaurus too).

My wife and I have a plaque on our wall stating: “We welcome people of all religions, races, nationality and sexually orientation.” This doesn’t mean we are perfect, but believe all humanity is of one kind. Are not homosexuals human beings too? Did not God create them? Are their high suicide rates caused by persecution from other unfeeling, compassionless, judgmental people?

Your hate-filled letter is so typical of the right. Everybody but you and your chosen kind are misfits, perverts or worse, and not God’s creatures. How can you possibly know what the unreported medical problems are in the homosexual community? Do you cruise this community collecting unknown facts?

In my final discarding of your views I state: You can waste your time hating people, but we find it much more relaxing accepting all of God’s creatures as they are.

Now to my worthy adversary D.L. Cline: Your letter is nothing but a puerile litany of absurd, lame comparisons (bless that thesaurus) attempting to defend those good old two-word slogans. What horsepucky your argument was, what a flight of fancy unconnected with reality. Killing people for not paying their taxes? How ridiculous. Come back to Earth and let us have an intelligent conversation.

You must lay awake at night fretting about Marxists, a thoroughly debunked and worthless philosophy. Back in the ’20s we had huge socialist political parties, even a socialist candidate for president. They were everywhere. Senators were socialists. If they are such a worry why didn’t they take over then? How could it be possible today? This is just another Republican smokescreen to confuse and confound the obtuse and take their minds off the fact they are stealing us blind.

This socialist’s fear is just another ploy. What is the difference between a Marxists deciding people’s taxes and the greedy rich doing so? They have always done so, right from the first days of our wonderful republic.

When Hoover took from the common folk and gave it to the rich it was called water down. Reagan called it trickle down. What will be Romney’s name for it? What’s the difference between them and Marxists? You have drunk the Kool-Aid and support the rich while they crush the good old USA.

In short, your idols have stolen the candy store while you and your right wing buddies argue about two little kids fighting over the remaining gumdrops; or as the rich often say to you and yours “thanks, suckers!”

Leon Chamberlain


Tim Branson 4 years, 7 months ago

I am sorry that Leon did not appreciate my sarcasm. A lot of people thought it was an amusing way of revealing the truth about the illogic and inconsistencies in liberal arguments. Leon's latest letter proves my point that illogic and inconsistency is endemic in the liberal fantasy world. Schizophrenia also appears rampant in Leon's world. He apologizes, then he trashes. He calls someone a "worthy adversary," then says they are ridiculous. He accuses me of being full of venom and hatred yet never addresses the points I made. Leon attacks the messenger because he can't attack the sound message. Perhaps he objected to my use of the term "evil." A true Christian believes there is evil in the world. It's called sin. We all sin. A believer also knows that you cannot hate anyone, but you can hate the sin they do. A Christian knows, after reading the Bible, that homosexual acts are sinful. If you use Leon's illogic then you have to admit that Jesus, St. Paul, early Christians, and all the Old Testament prophets were hateful homophobes.

I suppose Leon thinks it is funny when he asks if I cruise around the homosexual community collecting unknown facts. Go ahead and laugh while you allow your homosexual brothers and sisters to get sick and die at an alarming rate and then have the gall to say you are welcoming. All one has to do is search the web with the words "Statistics, Diseases, Homosexual, Community" and you will be inundated by the sad truth. There are even homosexuals who admit that their life expectancy is much lower than the general population because they are so full of sickness and disease. That doesn't include the psychiatric agony endured by their promiscuous lifestyle.

Leon loves them all right. He literally loves them to death. Here are some facts: According to the CDC, the Aids rate among homosexuals is 50 times higher then the general population. One study shows gay life expectancy is 20 years less than the general population. A partial list of diseases devastating the homosexual communities are anal cancer, syphilis, gonorrhea, viral hepatitis A and B, herpes simplex, chlamydia trachomatis, giardia lamblia, etc. Medical science named the high rate of parasitic and other intestinal infections as "The Gay Bowel Syndrome." Women also suffer from bacterial vaginosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, HPV, trichomoniasis, and anogenital warts. Many diseases are at the epidemic stage and some are found almost exclusively in the homosexual communities. Still laughing, Leon?

A true Christian feels compassion for these lost souls. He would try to bring these poor misguided folks out of the living hell they are in. If Leon was a caring human being, a Christian, he would recognize the truth when it hits him square in the face. He would stop attacking the very people who are trying to help and spread the word that the homosexual lifestyle is indeed deadly to fellow human beings. That would be true love. That would definitely be tough love.


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