Stop The Name-Calling



In a recent Roundup there were three letters that must be addressed. There were two similar letters in an earlier paper and they all have the same theme: the president of the United States is trying to destroy America either by giving up all our rights to one European nation or another or the UN (what would the UN want with our rights?), while leading the country in Marxism, socialism or communism. Anyone who disagrees with these writers is lumped into the Marxist category and reviled with terrible names. This vilification of people with different opinions has a theme in the paper since 2008.

Now come on fellas, I defy you to uncover even one member of these three obsolete groups or any other that espouses the destruction of our country; especially here in Gila County. One poor writer in particular has been hit hard by the name-calling and I am pretty sure he is just a concerned citizen trying to voice an opinion. I would bet he is not a Marxist ... most of us don’t even know what Karl Marx stood for. It’s certain his views didn’t succeed.

Looking back through history, I cannot think of a single president of this country who wanted it to fail. These men may not have always made the right decisions, e.g., Nixon’s utter craziness (I just recently learned by watching Dan Rather that Nixon wanted to have Jack Anderson — a liberal news reporter assassinated). But even Tricky Dick did not want America to fail.

I cannot believe that Romney, Boehner, even Gingrich wish for their country to fail. I am certain that President Obama does not want to leave a conquered country for his daughters to inhabit; no father would. He’s a good man and he’s trying to do the right thing, as are our other candidates.

Having said that, I think it is fine for contributors to the paper to advance reasons why they believe that their candidate is best, it’s the American way, but let’s keep it real and honest by resisting the urge to call your fellow citizens and elected officials Nazis, Commies and other vile misleading names. I would ask that if the writers can’t show restraint, the editor should do it for them by not printing their hate-filled submissions.

Peace and love,

Ted Paulk


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