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I am certain that I am not the only person that finds it interesting that many “progressive” Democrats choose to defend President Obama’s policies and actions by attacking President Bush and making references to Hitler and Nazi Germany. Is there not another argument to defend your “progressive” President Obama other than attacking a man who has not been in office for 40-plus months or a mad man who has thankfully been dead for well over 45 years?

These same “progressive” Democrats seem to believe that all Republicans believe and support no government and corporations who hate consumers and employees. How ignorant are people who think like this?

The above-mentioned German mad man was all about big government, using unions to control the masses and as anti free enterprise as any national “leader” in history.

I am a Republican, I believe government has gotten too big and needs to get back to serving the people, not using its people as either a revenue source or making them a voting sponge that takes more than it receives and votes to keep in office their “progressive” providers.

I also believe that corporations and businesses of all sizes are in business to serve their consumers and truly value their employees, so much so that they actually pay their employees for their time and efforts. Look around your house and ask yourself what has the government manufactured that improved your life? In fact, you will see only things made by, shipped by, designed by and improved by businesses of all sizes.

In fact, if you worked for a living and even if you worked for the government, all the pay you earned came from people who paid taxes because they worked for a business or corporation.

This Republican believes in small government, low taxation, free enterprise and, if needed, a strong social safety net, but not the hammock “progressive” Democrats seem to want for people who make no productive contribution to this great country.

This election is the most important of my lifetime and my vote is not only for myself and my family, but also a vote to help you and yours live a life of freedom and liberty.

Steve Vincent


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

Sorry to tell you this Steve, but the Repubs and Tea Baggers are the ones who keep comparing Obama to Hitler, Marxists, Commies, etc. Bush only took us to war because Saddam threatened his pop...he's no Hitler, he's just ignorant.


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