Kick Out The Incumbents



The political scene in our state is toxic and it’s a mess. We have a local (Maricopa County) sheriff that is being sued by the Department of Justice, a state lawmaker being investigated by the FBI for accepting “freebies,” another state lawmaker resigned because of a domestic dispute, a third state legislator resigned due to a fight he had with his girlfriend on one of the Phoenix area freeways, and yet another lawmaker resigned due to financial irregularities. And by the way, a non-border sheriff that is “tough” on illegal immigration is under scrutiny because he trolled for male companionship via the Internet in his underwear.

On the heels of the Fiesta Bowl ticket scandal involving too many legislators to mention, it seems our elected officials are misbehaving, misspending, and mistakenly watching out for themselves rather than for us, the taxpayers!

All Arizona voters of good conscience, be they Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals, or politically to the right or to the left of center, should band together to unseat every single incumbent in the November 2012 election. Did I mention that our spineless legislators failed to muster up the courage to pass a law banning or even regulating gifts given to themselves? What a bunch of self-serving hypocrites!

Our message to our elected officials should be loud and clear, i.e., no more business as usual, we don’t need “continuity” in our Legislature if it’s of the nefarious variety, and we’re mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it any longer!

Richard K. Meszar, Ed.D.


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