Myths And Misinformation Keep Coming Back



Like a snake with many heads, some topics continue to be de-fanged, only to have another version appear. Some folks simply refuse to believe that our president was born as a citizen in a U.S. state. No amount of facts or reasonable investigation will ever be proof enough to those who refuse to believe. The overwhelming majority of Americans accepted his authenticity long ago by simply accepting that the FBI, the CIA, all of Congress and the Republican Party had no challenge when his candidacy was proposed nor for a very long time after he was elected. The myth continues to have appeal only to a frightened few that see conspiracies looming everywhere. If you have ever attempted to calm a terrified child who believed a monster was under the bed, you understand the issue.

Along the same lines is the ever-popular allegation that the U.S. is fast becoming a socialist state and sliding down a slippery slope to Marxism. If so, then blame the U.S. Congress, not the president who has, by constitutional restraint, only limited powers. Our Constitution protects us from kings, dictators and other tyrants as long as the Congress and the Supreme Court do their job.

Marxism only came to power after an armed revolution as a revolt from czarist rule.

Oh, and taxes are at least as old as Mary and Joseph whose trip to Jerusalem is well documented. Greek citizens pay no taxes, and that doesn’t seem to work too well for Greece. As far as socialism goes, we have been more of a socialist country than a capitalistic one ever since FDR in the 1930s. No one complained then. Our monetary system is made up of many different influences just like our language. The IRS only becomes a collection agency when legitimate taxes are not paid and is not even in the same galaxy as the Gestapo. Any one who can show otherwise from personal experience should step up with documentation at once. The comparison is odious. It is true that the USA tax code is a total mess and should be changed. As the Tea Party and Republicans have shown, however, don’t count on Congress to work toward a solution anytime soon.

Noble Collins


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

God bless you Noble Collins. You have such a way with words and the truth. Wish I were as smooth with my comments as you are with yours. Hope to see more in the paper from you. Ted Paulk


don evans 4 years, 7 months ago

Yes Noble, your ways with words are the half truth's of left superiority politico speak, and just plain wrong headed. Obama's most recent circumventing the will of Congress and the people> His pathetic race pandering to garner the Hispanic vote.( i.e.A practical Amnesty for Illegal alien child dependents) When the USA becomes a country of 3rd world values and you can't afford the tax on your wine drinking hobby, no whineing please.


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 7 months ago

I've watched these socialists explain themselves with seamless words of 'rationality' for a long time now. They make it sound so sweet and themselves real American in stature. They deny being socialists but rationalize being so anyway, as in his last paragraph.

It is true that Marxism came to power in the Soviet Union by force of arms. But, the Russian people had succumbed to the same ‘Utopian’ siren’s song’ as is being sung here long before that uprising occurred. I’m reminded of the mouse hypnotized by the Cobra’s eyes. We are staring into the face of evil, and are mesmerized by it. Just listen to the song this man sings, and wait a little longer. It’s been this way for years, so what’s the big deal? Have you heard the analogy of the frog sitting in the pan of water? Raise the heat slowly, and he’ll just sit there and cook to death. Well, we’ve sat, listening to this song and dance routine to the point that the water is too hot to get out of. Or, is it? This election will tell. As for the congress, they ‘represent the people’, who are divided. If they are doing nothing, then they are doing the will of a divided nation. One side wants Utopia, the other wants freedom. Don’t blame congress. They are doing what we sent them there to do. Blame people who think this man is great, for they have lost sight of what freedom means, willing to sell their souls to the slickest tongue. Srchlight


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