People Want To Force Their Way Of Life On Me



Everybody in America seems angry and divided on many issues, including myself. I was sitting here trying to think of something I have taken, or tried to take away from people on the left who I have a difference of opinion with, anything that affects their daily lives. Can’t think of a thing.

On the other hand those I disagree with want to change my life dramatically. They want to: use my tax dollars for people who have made bad choices in their lives, give them free medical care that I pay for, housing assistance, free education for their children, that I paid property taxes for. They want me to drive an electric car that would mean I can’t pull my boat or RV anymore, which is why we live in this wonderful state. They want to take away my right to have a weapon to protect my home and loved ones, which is one of the things you lose with age, your ability to do that with just your body.

They want to take away the Pledge, eliminate four of the 10 commandments (ACLU) is behind that, and not fly the flag of this country. They force oil companies (EPA) to deep water drill (if the BP spill had been in shallow water, it could have been capped in less than eight hours), stop the pipeline from Canada, and so much more.

I have always treated my neighbors with respect, helped them, broke bread with them, given to many charities, and in general tried to live my life without interfering with the lives of others. But that has all changed these days, people want to force their way of life on me, and I “can’t think of a thing” I have tried to force on them.

Dell Owens


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

You say you don't want to take away anything and yet you don't want to educate poor children. No one is trying to take your gun. No one wants to stop the flag from flying, no one wants to stop the pledge of allegiance. No one is trying to to "eliminate four of the ten commandments": how could anyone even the ACLU take away God's commandments. You, sir are taking away the truth with this kind of rhetoric.


don evans 4 years, 7 months ago

Dell, you speak what millions of Americans are now thinking and feeling. Mr. Paulk and his ilk are sycophant followers of their socialist icon, Obama. They know what's in our best interest. Their only core value is self gratification and you should pay for it. I have seen and read about many of the items that you briefly addressed. above. You see, MR. Paulk fears free thinking people such as you and I. If they can shut down your voice of truth, then they have a chance at completing their socialist agenda and the ruin of our beloved country. But you and I know, we won't ever let that happen Mr. Owens. Stay in their face....Stand your ground!


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

Mr. Paulk fears NO ONE dude. I volunteered to serve in Viet Nam and I am an ex-police sergeant! I am no sycophant and what I said stands. "Free thinking"? you've got to be kidding are sheep. You who claim we are socialists and sycophants have your paranoid heads in the wrong place. Ted Paulk


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