Americans Died On 9-11, Not Just New Yorkers



In response to Sylvia Freeman’s letter — I thank God you’re not in control of our military.

On 9-11 the people who were killed were not just New Yorkers, they were our fellow Americans — brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, friends.

There is not one person I know, or who I have ever met, that would not get down on their knees and beg the military to do whatever they had to do to a terrorist to find where their loved ones were being held, if that occurred.

The terrorists declared war on all Christians on 9-11, and they hide behind their women and children instead of wearing a military uniform as described in the Geneva Convention. They behead our citizens and soldiers, and torture them way beyond any kind of enhanced methods we use.

If the United States were run by what you call liberal Christians, we would all be praying to Allah. You and any others who think it is inhumane to torture these cowards into giving us the information to stop attacks on our Motherland, are just like sheep standing in a meadow waiting for the wolves to pull you down. People who have the same beliefs as you do have never lost a loved one, but the rest of us have on 9-11.

God help us if what you call “liberal Christians” ever get in the majority.

Dell Owens


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