Pine Strawberry District Drinking Water Challenges Ongoing


Pine Strawberry District dealing with water outage

Mechanical issues, drought, demand hinder service to approximately 1,000 Homes

June 20, 2012 – The Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District is experiencing a service outage resulting from a combination of mechanical issues, drought conditions and increased demand that are preventing water delivery to approximately 1,000 customers in the Pine section of the community.

Water quality and who is affected

District officials say there is no evidence that the Pine Strawberry water supply is not safe. As a precautionary measure, however, homes and businesses in the affected area should refrain from using water for any purposes until the situation is resolved.

This restriction is for the Pine section of the community only; customers in Strawberry are unaffected.

A revised list of affected neighborhoods can found at

Corrective measures

District employees are working diligently to correct the mechanical issues. New equipment has been ordered and is being installed, including replacement of two primary booster pumps that already have produced positive results. Additional workers from nearby communities are being brought in as well as specific subject-matter experts to assist local staff. Staff members also are examining the entire system in detail to determine if there are any other water losses occurring.

In any situation where service is interrupted – a water main break, for example – certain steps such as cleaning and disinfecting the lines must be taken before service is resumed. Once normal flow is restored, staff members will collect and analyze numerous water samples before giving clearance for consumers to resume normal use, erring on the side of caution to ensure the public’s health and safety are protected.

With progress being made on resolving the mechanical issues, we will conduct water quality testing in the affected areas on Thursday June 21. The test results will be available on Friday. We will provide an update at that time.

Everyone needs to conserve

Because the outage has occurred at a time when dry conditions and high temperatures have increased demand that further strains the water system, ALL PSWID customers are being asked to practice conservation measures, eliminating all non-essential water uses such as watering lawns, car washing, filling swimming pools, etc., until further notice.

Where to get water

Until further notice, PSWID has made arrangements to provide bottled drinking water to customers in the affected areas. It can be picked up daily from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the PSWID office, 6306 West Hardscrabble Rd

There is currently no need for homes or businesses outside the affected area to use supplemental drinking water, and PSWID asks that those customers refrain from obtaining available bottled drinking water to help ensure it is available for those who need it.

Where to get more information

• PSWID website:

• PSWID office: (928) 476-4222

• Gila County Health Services: (928) 402-8802

• Arizona Department of Environmental Quality: (800) 234-5677


Deb Schwalm 4 years, 7 months ago

What about the chlorine running through our septic systems?


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